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Experience next-level eLearning that allows students and teachers to communicate visually, build more human relationships and stay connected globally.

Transformative eLearning.​

With Touchcast, you can have natural conversations with your students, even if they are scattered halfway across the world.. Share documents, videos and live web content with as few or as many of your students as you wish, for virtual one-on-ones or whole online classes. Your screen is a whiteboard. Communicate your ideas.

Students’ interactive video projects.​

With Touchcast, students produce engaging interactive video for their online courses; document their research, present a final paper, collaborate on a group project, and create their video resume (vSume).

Professors’ interactive video lectures.​

With Touchcast, professors easily produce interactive video lectures that engage their students. You can create an introduction for a course, a rich video session that includes learning materials that students can explore, or a personalized, grading touchcast that bridges the gap between professors and their students.

Awards & conferences.

We are regularly invited to educational technology conferences where we receive numerous awards for the best teaching and learning video platform.

Engaging with the YouTube generation.

By Dr. Ayelet Segal

This YouTube generation curates knowledge through video, and increasingly communicates through broadcasting. In the social media world they’re growing up in, anyone can be a broadcaster. With Touchcast, teachers can now use broadcasting tools to present information and to let their students communicate in a way in which they feel most comfortable and most creative. Touchcast allows educators and students around the world to easily create comprehensive and engaging interactive videos… and they have fun while doing it. All you need to do is look into the eyes of these youngsters as they say: 3, 2, 1, Action!

Dr. Ayelet Segal is the head of Touchcast Education. She has devoted the last twenty years exploring problems in the realm of Cognitive Psychology, Education and HCI (Human Computer Interaction), both in academia and industry. Dr. Segal earned a Masters and PhD in Cognitive Psychology, Education and Technology from Teachers College, Columbia University in NYC. Her research focuses on embodiment theory and gestural interfaces to promote cognition and learning. She also holds a Masters of Arts in Interactive Media from Middlesex University in London, UK.

"Touchcast has amazing capabilities to transform learning to both students and teachers alike."

Dr. Liz Meredith

Science Middle School Teacher & Technology Coordinator

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