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The most innovative end-to-end secure video management,
analytics, hosting and distribution platform in the industry.

Fabric provides hosting, video management, analytics, security, and all of the administration settings your company needs for any TouchCast application. Upload a video file and Fabric provides the player (and access controls) to share your videos and connect with your audience.

Deliver smart videos anywhere

TouchCast Fabric is cloud-based and secure, meaning you can deliver interactive, engaging videos to audiences just about anywhere. Optionally, Fabric can be launched on an on-site server. You’ll also have extensive privacy options to grant the exact amount of access to all your content. Security

Manage your content your way

With Fabric, it’s never been easier to upload, view, and manage your videos in one place. You decide who has access to your videos, who can edit and upload their own, and how videos are shared.

Get the feedback you need

Analytics that are in-depth, up-to-date, and actually useful for learning how viewers are engaging with the videos you upload? Yes.

Stay organized

All TouchCast customers get Fabric for authentication, basic administration, video hosting, and playback. And if you’re a Business or Enterprise customer, you’ll have additional access to the Portal, Analytics, live stream distribution, and the CDN for mass on-demand video publishing.


  • Turnkey, secure video hosting, storage, and management
  • Easy to use, cross-device compatible
  • Cloud, Single Tenancy*, and On-Premise* options
  • Patented analytics measuring video engagement

*coming soon!

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