A TV studio.
On your iPad.

Producing broadcast-quality interactive videos used to require expensive equipment and a team of professionals. And then came Studio.​​


Create polished, professional and personal presentations.


Build instant rapport by placing yourself on top of your presentation with real-time background removal.


Bring your presentation to life with over 300,000 free-use images and videos from Touchcast Stock.

Made for iPad

Built from the ground up to turn your iPad into a studio.

Multiple Cameras

Direct and switch multiple cameras in real-time like a director in a control room.


Trim and edit your videos, add transitions and titles.


Create your presentation in beaituful HD video.


Never memorize another line with the built-in teleprompter.


Make presentations interactive by adding documents, images, videos and websites your audience can explore at their own pace.


Make a point using the draw tools and bring out the most important parts of your story.


Send your recorded presentation as an MP4 or interactive TCT file. Watch across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Embeddable files include:

Web Content (HTML5, Google, Office 365, Dropbox, Box)
Documents (Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, RTF, Keynote, Pages, Numbers,)
Videos (mov, mp4, avi)


Measure audience views, engagement, and interaction with real-time analytics, including:

Total Views
Views over time
Drop-off rate
List Item
Engagement Graph
Heat Map​


Control sharing permissions and limit who has access to your presentations.
Secure hosting, sharing and streaming.
In-transit between and at-rest fule protection.
SOC 2, CSA and GDPR compliant.

Key features

Easy to create high-quality videos from your iPad
Automatic background removal
Broadcast-style graphics, titles, and virtual sets
Secure video hosting in the cloud
Real-time analytics to track engagement
500K+ royalty-free stock images, video clips and audio files
Educational courses from the world's best communication instructors

Create, share, communicate.

With Touchcast Studio, you have the power of a high-end TV studio at your fingertips. Record a video, edit clips, and add dynamic, interactive features like soundtracks, graphics, and web pages directly from your iPad.

“Overall the amount of views on our videos has quadrupled…we’re producing much better quality videos now.”

Spencer Holt
Global Director at AstraZeneca

Live. Stream.

For the first time ever all the great features of Touchcast Studio are available for live video. Stream privately with your team or to a crowd, measure audience interactions with advanced video analytics, moderate comments, and watch as your engagement rates rocket. No more boring webinars, no more lifeless live streaming.

The closest you can get to being there, without being there.​

Studio was built from the ground up to harness the power of AI and deep learning to remove your background and place you in any environment.

before studio
after studio

Make a lasting impression​.

First impressions matter. That’s why every touchcast is recorded in 1080 HD, making sure that you (and your product) look as best as they can. And with Touchcast Stock you have a library of over 600,000 royalty free videos, images and illustrations to make your story #unforgettable.

From health, fitness, and fashion to finance, pharma, and tech, Stock has media assets to suit every department of your company. Search, find, drag – mic drop.




  • iPad Air 2
  • iOS 11, 2 GB free
  • Built-in iPad cameras
  • Mobile Playback: Safari on iPhones with iOS9, Chrome on Android 5.0,
  • Desktop Playback: HTML 5 or Flash running in Chrome 31, Safari 7, IE 9 & Firefox 30.0


  • iPad Pro
  • Latest version of iPadOS, 4 GB free, Built-in iPad cameras OR external cameras streaming over wifi,
  • Mobile Playback: Safari on iPhones with iOS9, Chrome on Android 5.0
  • Desktop Playback: Latest versions of Chrome, Safari, IE, Edge or Firefox browsers
Elevate your…

Connect capital and ideas through keynote presentations, breakout sessions and 1:1 meetings.

Raise the curtain on your products and services with demo sessions, resource downloads and live Q&A.

A woman with a lavender shirt preparing for a virtual conference

Build deeper relationships, gain insights and share your expertise through plenary sessions.

A woman with glasses and a white shirt preparing for a virtual livestream

Share your vision of the future and the most important trends impacting your business.

A man with glasses and dark hair preparing for a virtual stream

Celebrate the pioneers, the leaders and the innovators with gorgeous virtual sets that elevate your brand.

A man with a white tshirt and glasses looking at the camera getting ready for a virtual event

Captivate your audience, elevate your brand and strengthen your culture through impactful experience.

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