About Touchcast.

Video is the most important medium ever invented. There’s nothing like it for sharing stories and bringing people closer together. But in the business and education worlds, using video for real communication and collaboration often falls flat. Why? Because when it comes to presenting and sharing information, we’re still using tools that were invented 30 years ago.

Our Vision.

We are a group of video technologists, inventors, entrepreneurs, producers, app designers, former journalists and educators determined to bring video communications and collaboration into every business and every school.


Our Mission.​

Touchcast was founded to improve people’s lives through the power of video. To do this we’re revolutionizing how video is being used to connect, communicate and collaborate. Through our breakthrough platform, we let anyone create visual experiences that are engaging to watch and impossible to forget.

Proven, experienced leadership.

Edo Segal

CEO, Co-Founder

Paul Field


Michael Kohlmeyer-Hyman​


Justin Vatz


Ziv Navoth


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