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Create unforgettable presentations.

touchcast video conferencing rendering

AI-powered video communications that move people to take action.

Turn boring presentations into immersive experiences.​

Video is the most engaging medium, and Pitch takes video presentations to new level. Cut through the noise by using Pitch to present or record a touchcast video where your viewers can interact and take action inside the video.

Drive engagement with… you!​

Does your audience’s attention go down when your slides go up? With AI-powered background removal, Pitch keeps your face on top of your screen, helping you deliver a professional presentation no matter where you are, while keeping your audience focused on you.

Get to the point, faster.​

No one wants to watch endless presentations. Pitch lets you cut to the chase and embed everything your audience needs into your presentation. Add documents, images, websites and videos into your pitch and your audience can dive in deeper by interacting with the touchcast video.

So easy, you already know how to use it.

Pitch was built from the ground up to fit the way you work. Whether you want to import slides from your existing presentation software or create a Pitch from scratch, you’ll be ready to dazzle your audience in no time.

Perfect for every occasion.​

There’s nothing like the human face for building trust. From client presentations to product demos, training webinars, town halls, executive briefings, educational courses and team meetings, Pitch makes every communication more authentic and more impactful.

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Elevate any video conference.

No matter which solution you use, Pitch turns it into a more memorable experience by adding your face on top of your screen, even when you share your presentation.

Record, edit, share
and track.

Measuring engagement has never been easier. Pitch lets you edit your presentation before you share it, then tracks who received it, what they clicked on and how engaging they found it. Which in your case will be, well, a lot.

Total Views
Drop Off Rate
Total Views
Drop Off Rate


Create professional, animated, interactive videos with zero prior video experience


Build instant rapport by placing yourself on top of your presentation with real-time background removal.


Bring your presentation to life with over 300,000 free-use images and videos from Touchcast Stock.


No matter where you are, you’ll always create your presentation in beautiful HD video – no network connection required.


Retain brand consistency and develop your ideas faster.


Trim and edit your videos, add transitions and titles.


Works seamlessly across Windows 10 and MacOS.


Never memorize another line with the built-in teleprompter.


Make presentations interactive by adding documents, images, videos and websites your audience can explore at their own pace.


Make a point using the draw tools and bring out the most important parts of your story.


Send your recorded presentation as an MP4 or interactive TCT file. Watch across mobile, tablet and desktop.


Web Content (HTML5, Google, Office 365, Dropbox, Box)
Documents (Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, RTF, Keynote, Pages, Numbers,)
Videos (mov, mp4, avi)


Measure audience views, engagement, and interaction with real-time analytics, including:

User-by-user analytics
Total Views
Views over time
Drop-off rate
List Item
Engagement Graph
Heat Map​


Control sharing permissions and limit who has access to your presentations.
Secure hosting, sharing and streaming.
SOC 2, CSA and GDPR compliant.

Key features

Easy to create unforgettable video presentations
Automatic background removal
Beautiful themes and virtual sets
Secure video hosting in the cloud
Real-time analytics to track engagement
500K+ royalty-free HD stock images, video clips, and audio tracks
Educational courses from the world's best communication instructors
Added interactivity by including documents, images, websites, polls and quizzes



  • Windows 10 Build Version 10586
  • MacOS Mojave 10.14
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Core i3
  • Internet connection for authentication and use of Web vApp, TC Stock and uploading to cloud storages
  • Camera with resolution of 1280 x 720 or higher
  • Microphone


  • Windows 10 Build Version 1607
  • MacOS Catalina 10.15
  • RAM: 8GB+
  • Corei5 or higher
  • Discrete graphics card
  • High-resolution camera and external microphone
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