Supercharging Communications with the Metaverse

Touchcast and Microsoft partners provide the creative, strategic, and technical capabilities required to deliver state-of-the-art metaverse experiences. Delivered through desktops and mobile devices, deployed on Azure and Microsoft Teams, learn how Touchcast empowers you to meet your customers where they are with no special hardware or software required.

Launch your brand into the metaverse

Touchcast harnesses the power of the Microsoft Cloud to combine a digital-first experience in the metaverse with human touch. Hosted on Azure, Touchcast provides a secure cloud-based offering that helps organizations seamlessly deliver powerful communication, commerce, and learning experiences in the metaverse without the need of specialized hardware. Thanks to the deep integration with Teams, customer experience representatives can be anywhere in the world, enabling companies to tap into a global, diverse and inclusive talent pool.

Smith Codio

Director Customer Experience of Automotive, Mobility & Transportation Industry, Microsoft

The partnership between Annata, Sitecore and Touchcast, is a strategic step in Annata’s journey to further develop and bring to market industry-specific solutions built on the Microsoft stack. Jointly we are looking at areas of digital spaces, personalized commerce and operational excellence to meet current and future challenges and take advantage of new opportunities across the automotive value-chain.

Jóhann Jónsson

CEO, Annata

Sitecore is excited to work with Touchcast, Microsoft and Annata to accelerate personalized commerce across any form factor or touch point. We believe that metaverse solutions solve some of the most pressing challenges businesses face today. Our vision of an end-to-end solution is truly compelling and we are eager to help our customers seize this moment.

Aswin Mannepalli

Global Head of Industry Innovation, Sitecore

Elevate how you communicate

Sell: Create the best online purchase experience
Communicate: Elevate your internal & external messages
Educate: Train, onboard & engage your audience
Sell: Create the best online purchase experience
Communicate: Elevate your internal & external messages
Educate: Train, onboard & engage your audience

The Multiplier Effect

Together with Microsoft, we have the potential to solve the world's most challenging problems.

Built on expertise

Touchcast is an innovator in virtual events, with more than 12 years experience delivering trail-blazing events for the world’s largest enterprises and brands. Touchcast fuses the physical and digital realms to deliver unparalleled metaverse experiences. Trusted by the world’s leading brands, our clients and partners understand it’s not just what we do, but how we do it.

Cutting edge technology

Deployed on Azure and Microsoft Teams, and enabled through desktop and mobile, Touchcast unlocks accessibility — enabling brands to get a head start in the metaverse. Touchcast eliminates the need for VR headsets or hardware and solves real-world business problems by meeting customers where they are while maximizing ROI, and generating insights for understanding consumer behavior in a cookieless world.

Maximizing empathy and authenticity

Touchcast enables authentic human connections, without the need for an avatar, by transforming in-person interactions into immersive 3D experiences that span the physical and virtual worlds — allowing brands and retailers to create potent connections with customers.

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