Community Guidelines


Here's the deal: We understand that you would like to vocalize your opinion. That's fine. That is even encouraged. However — don't abuse the site. Community and communication both require trust from all sides. Say what you would like, just don't abuse the power.

Common sense rules to live by:

  1. TouchCast is not a place for sexual explicit content or pornography. No matter who the video belongs to, nudity and or sexually explicit content will not be acceptable at any time. Child exploitation will be reported to the police immediately.
  2. TouchCast is not to be used as a gross out entertainment website. Please don't post violent accident, dead bodies, or anything else that might cause someone to vomit/pass out/get extremely nauseas and/or angry.
  3. Other bad things not to post: bomb-making, animal abuse, drug abuse, teenage drinking and smoking, etc.
  4. Any kind of violence will not be allowed or appreciated. If you or someone else is causing harm in a video, don't post it.
  5. Copyright is the law. Please don't record anything that does not belong to you. There are some exceptions that falls within Fair Use but make sure that you're providing full, free access to the owner's original material with full attribution (give credit to the copyright owner). Even if you do all of this, you may still be in violation.
    • TouchCast is not going to mediate between copyright ownership disputes and we follow standard practices in terms of allowing a copyright owner to flag a TouchCast that infringes and submit a complete takedown notice (only the copyright owner or someone authorized to act on his/her behalf can submit a notification of claimed infringement). We remove the content as the law mandates (see details here in the Terms of Service).
    • Authors who feel that their content was removed unfairly have the right to submit a counter notification (see details here in the Terms of Service), and we will notify the party that submitted the removal notice. At this point, it's up to the party that submitted the removal notice to file a lawsuit within 10-14 business days. Otherwise, we will reactivate the TouchCast video.
  6. Hate speech is discouraged. And by discouraged, we mean not allowed. Free speech is important, but hate speech is not. Any attack on someone's race, gender, identity, sexuality, or anything of the kind will be seen as hate speech, and will be treated as such.
  7. If a user is caught: stalking, making threats, harassing other users, invading privacy, or stealing other people content, they will be investigated, and may be banned from using TouchCast forever.
  8. Finally — understand the heart of these guidelines. Please do not hunt for ways around the rules. The point of these rules is for users to feel safe using this platform, and for everyone to have the same access to TouchCast's content and community.

How serious are we?

These guidelines will be enforced. TouchCast staffers will flag videos that will later be reviewed for deletion, if they are deemed to violate these guidelines. Accounts that frequently upload videos that violate the guidelines will lead to the termination of the user's account. Once your account has been deleted, you will not be able to create another one.

TouchCast and the community:

Every user of TouchCast has the ability to build the community around it — so join us! Have fun: TouchCast allows for creativity — so get creative! Try new things!

And make sure you interact with the TouchCasts you view. Vote in the polls, add comments, and play in the games. TouchCast cannot review every video or vApp so make sure to use common sense before handing over sensitive information in any video.

Be on guard — if you find a video that disturbs you and violates the guidelines, please do not hesitate to flag, so our staffers may review it quickly.

That's all! Hop to, and explore the world that awaits you!

The TouchCast Team