Security at Touchcast.

When it comes to securing your content we go beyond following industry best practices and take extra precautions to make sure your content is protected.

Safe and Secure.

The world’s leading companies use Touchcast to transform the way they communicate and collaborate. That’s why we take security and privacy seriously, just like you.

Going One Step Further.

We’re proud to go beyond what’s expected of us in the security field. Which is why we undertook a Service Organization Controls audit (Type II), ensuring we’re doing everything we can to be accessible to you without compromising the integrity and privacy of your data.

Data encryption in transit
SAML and OAuth based SSO
SCIM provisioning
Customizable organizational administrative controls
GDPR Ready
General Data Protection Regulation
(Type 2)
Trust Services Principles
Security Trust Assurance and Risk Registry

Proposed New Touchcast Value: Safe by Design

At Touchcast, our commitment to pioneering the future of generative AI is underpinned by an unwavering dedication to responsible innovation. We embed the principle of "Safe by Design" into the very fabric of our culture, ensuring that every platform, application, and solution we develop not only sets new benchmarks in AI-driven creativity and efficiency but does so with an intrinsic commitment to ethical standards, user safety, and privacy.

This value reflects our holistic approach to AI, where the pursuit of technological advancement is balanced with ethical considerations, ensuring our innovations empower users while safeguarding their interests and well-being and providing them with the option to manage their AI presence directly on their own devices, maintaining personal control over their data.

By integrating responsible AI practices from the ground up, we ensure our products are not just tools for today but trusted companions for a future where user empowerment and protective stewardship go hand-in-hand.

Through transparency, accountability, and continuous engagement with our users and stakeholders, we strive to nurture a digital ecosystem where every interaction is characterized by trust, respect, and the choice for personal data management, making "Safe by Design" the cornerstone of our journey towards a responsible generative AI future.


1. Prioritize ethical Al development.

2. Embed responsible design principles in content creation tools.

3. Proactively prevent potential abuses of Al technologies.


1. Implement features for the early detection of Al misuse.

2. Ensure mechanisms are in place to respond to detected issues.

Transparency & Education

1. Maintain clear communication about the Al functionalities we offer.

2. Engage with users to educate on responsible Al utilization.

3. Update product pages with responsible Al sections to reflect commitment.

4. Shore knowledge and safety practices within Touchcast.

5. Continually adapt and update the Al ethics framework.

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