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Working together has never been more fun.

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Teamtime is a breakthrough new tool that turns virtual meetings into fun, collaborative experiences.



Broadcast your session to your team or your entire company.


Participants can easily take over anyone’s screen to create projects together on the fly. 


Watch as your colleagues draw on a real-time, collaborative whiteboard. 


Teamtime’s AI agent will auto-create action items based on a range of voice commands. 


Group chat with all your meeting members in the same room. 


Record any and every Teamtime session to revisit later, or share with anyone who may have missed it. 


No worries, All your team meetings rooms are saved for easy-access later

Filing Cabinet

All files shared during a Teamtime are stored for easy retrieval later


Live notes keep your meetings minutes all in the same place.               


Store all of your videos securely on our cloud hosting and streaming platform. 


Automatic development of a meeting graph to cluster related meetings together.


Automatic live retrieval of related documents and other resources to any conversation or presentation.


Cross-device meetings with mobile (iPad, iPhone) and web so your colleagues can join from anywhere. 


Transcribe and translate all your meetings in real time.

The more the merrier

Have up to 12 participants in every session. 

Key features

  • Any teammate can take over their colleagues' screen
  • Join from your office or place yourself in a virtual set with automatic background removal
  • Share your session with anyone who may have missed the meeting
  • Transcribe and translate your entire conversation
  • Sketch our your ideas on a real-time, collaborative whiteboard
  • Educational courses from the word's best communication instructors
  • Secure video hosting and streaming in the cloud

The smartest room in the office.

With real-time collaboration, automatic transcription, voice commands and an AI-powered assistant to capture ideas and action items, Teamtime is the ultimate virtual meeting room.

It's time for Teamtime.

Still stuck in boring conference calls? We re-imagined what collaboration in the workplace should look like and made it faster, simpler and more intuitive. 

Boost collaboration.​

Whether you’re working on a presentation, drafting a proposal or designing a new product, Teamtime lets everyone create, comment and contribute at the same time.

Your files, your rules.​

With TouchCast’s robust privacy settings, you can grant granular access to the files, apps and projects you need to share, when you need to share them.

Think outside the box.

Teamtime works across all mobile and desktop devices, ensuring everyone can collaborate wherever they are.

Think outside the box.

Teamtime works across all mobile and desktop devices, ensuring everyone can collaborate wherever they are.

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