A new reality calls for a new approach.

Humans are social animals. We thrive on connecting with each other. The past 30 years have shown us how new forms of communication can enhance our life, amplify our experiences and expose us to new ideas and new people. Yet when it comes to events, not much has changed. We fly halfway around the world to sit in a room with hundreds of others, staring at a screen for 10 hours as speakers present their slides.

It’s time for a change...

When the pandemic hit, we realized that running virtual events can deliver incredible benefits - more participants, more (diverse) speakers, more interactions and less impact on the planet. We also learned that screens cannot replace human interaction. As we look beyond social distancing, we believe that there’s a better way to run events, town halls, conferences, product launches and everything in between.

A rendering of a speaker profile using the Touchcast virtual events platform

We call it Virtual+

Imagine a world where you can hold an intimate gathering of 10 people, or scale to a crowd of 100,000. Imagine a world where the most interesting speakers can join your event, without leaving their home. Imagine a world where in-person events are designed as peak experiences. That’s the future we are bringing you, today.

A visualization of the virtual event room

Why Touchcast?

We are an award-winning group of passionate inventors, storytellers, developers, designers and producers who thrive on challenging the status quo in pursuit of our mission to improve people’s lives through the power of extraordinary experiences.

Gorgeous virtual sets

Transport your speakers into gorgeous virtual spaces that elevate your brand and create an immersive experience.

AI-powered articles

Automatically turn every session into a searchable, interactive article.

Accessible in every language

Real-time captions, foreign subtitles and dubbing for every session.

Pro production

White-glove service to plan, manage and produce your event, with playbooks, contingency planning and daily project plans.

Real-time event insights

Detailed, real-time analytics covering the entire lifecycle of your event.

Built for engagement

Meeting suites, chat, real-time Q&A, polls and quizzes.

“Touchcast is the Tesla of Virtual Events”

Tom Lounibos
Global Managing Director -
Accenture Ventures

Proven, experienced leadership.

Let’s make your events #unforgettable.

The world’s leading companies trust Touchcast to run their events.

Touchcast is a globally distributed company with offices in the US, India, Ukraine and Israel.

We are also 100% remote! Want to build the best virtual event platform in the industry? We are a group of video technologists, inventors, entrepreneurs, producers, writers and designers determined to reimagine the way we work.

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Elevate your…

Captivate your audience, elevate your brand and strengthen your culture through impactful experience.

A woman with a red shirt preparing for a virtual event

Connect capital and ideas through keynote presentations, breakout sessions and 1:1 meetings.

Raise the curtain on your products and services with demo sessions, resource downloads and live Q&A.

A woman with a lavender shirt preparing for a virtual conference

Build deeper relationships, gain insights and share your expertise through plenary sessions.

A woman with glasses and a white shirt preparing for a virtual livestream

Share your vision of the future and the most important trends impacting your business.

A man with glasses and dark hair preparing for a virtual stream

Celebrate the pioneers, the leaders and the innovators with gorgeous virtual sets that elevate your brand.

A man with a white tshirt and glasses looking at the camera getting ready for a virtual event

Captivate your audience, elevate your brand and strengthen your culture through impactful experience.

A woman with a red shirt preparing for a virtual event