Harness the power of Cognitive Caching

CogCache works as a proxy between your Azure OpenAI-based solutions and Azure OpenAI, accelerating content generation through caching results, cutting costs and speeding responses by eliminating the need to consume tokens on previously generated content by serving it from cache.

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Reduce Costs and Carbon Footprint

Save up to 50% on your LLM costs with our reserved capacity and cut your carbon footprint by over 50%, making your AI operations more sustainable and cost-effective.

Boost Performance

Experience lightning-fast, predictable performance with response times accelerated by up to 100x, ensuring smooth and efficient operations of your LLMs via Cognitive Caching.

Drive Control and Alignment

Maintain complete oversight on all LLM text generated, ensuring alignment and grounding of responses to uphold your brand integrity and comply with governance requirements.

Full-stack LLM Observability

Gain real-time insights, track performance key metrics and view all the logged requests for easy debugging.


Seamless Integration, Endless Protection

Fast, Safe and Cost-effective.

Instant Implementation

Switch your code endpoints with the supplied key, and you're set.

Resolution Engine

Ensure every interaction with your AI content is traceable and secure.

Multilingual Support

Supports multiple languages, expanding your global reach.

Data Integrations

Integrates effortlessly with your existing business systems.

Guaranteed Capacity

CogCache ensures availability of Azure OpenAI tokens thanks to our reserved capacity.


Eliminate hallucinations and guarantee accuracy in your prompt responses.


CogCache acts like a firewall for your LLM, blocking prompt injections and any attempts to jailbreak it.


Slash your Azure OpenAI costs by up to 50% with volume discounting and cognitive caching.


Before/After CogCache

Standard AI Challenges
Unpredictable and slow LLM response times.
Hyper-Fast Cache Retrieval.
Stochastic results yielding different responses every time.
Self-Healing Cache.
AI grounding issues are impossible to detect and address.
Asynchronous Risk & Quality Scoring.
AI safety risks, biased and unaligned responses.
Temporal Relevance Tracking.
Lack of explainability, accountability & transparency.
Full Workflow Interface for Your Responsible AI Teams.
No cost-effective way to consume tokens for repeated prompts.
DCAI and DCAI Amendment Updates.
No easy way to monitor token consumption.
Hard to understand and predict Azure OpenAI response patterns.
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Slash Your GenAI Carbon Footprint by up to 50%

Reduce Energy

Lower your energy usage and costs by up to 50% with our innovative Cognitive Caching technology. Scale your conversational AI without escalating its environmental impact.

Accelerate AI

Experience 100x faster interactions without the need for energy-intensive operations. Enable your users to get quicker, more efficient responses.

A Sustainable

Cognitive Caching is more than a quick fix, it's a paradigm shift. Lead the way in sustainable tech innovation and create a positive impact on our planet.

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