Touchcast Unveils Touchcast Tower and Iconic Collection of Virtual Event Venues

The 1,300-foot tower is the stunning crown jewel of Touchcast’s new Iconic Collection of virtual venues. Launch party features a DJ set by virtually one-hundred stories above New York City with fireworks, lasers and views of the Empire State Building
April 19, 2021

NEW YORK, NY, April 19, 2021 — Today Touchcast unveiled the Touchcast Tower, the world’s most stunning and technologically advanced virtual event venue, which is part of their new Iconic Venue Collection of the world’s most breathtaking virtual event arenas, theatres, and auditoriums. To mark the unveiling, Touchcast is partnering with legendary musician, producer, and technology innovator to host a virtual launch party 1,300 feet above New York City, featuring fireworks, lasers, jaw-dropping beats, views of the Empire State Building, and even a rocket-powered mixing booth, all produced live while is at The Future, his studio complex in Los Angeles. The event concludes with a fireside chat with and Richard Kerris, Head Of Developer Relations at NVIDIA, and is part of the NVIDIA GTC conference, the world’s preeminent artificial intelligence event.

This one-time event can be watched today, Monday April 19th, at 7:00 PM EST here.

Along with hosting virtual events in Touchcast’s rapidly growing catalog of proprietary Iconic venues, such as Touchcast Tower, clients can also partner with Touchcast to create digital twins of their own corporate theatres or auditoriums. Using the Touchcast platform, live event presenters are instantly beamed out of their home offices or studios and into incredible mixed-reality sets without requiring a green screen, and with their resulting presentations or performances streamed live in ultra HD 4K. At home attendees are immersed in a gorgeous virtual experience, complete with multiple camera views, lush lighting and special effects, the ability to listen, read or watch in nearly any language, and to chat with other attendees in real-time.


“The future of how we communicate will feature the use of stunning, life-like digital twins, Touchcast is leading this revolution,” says Edo Segal, Founder and CEO of Touchcast. “Beginning with our crown jewel, the Touchcast Tower, these are places to meet, dream and get inspired, and they blow away all expectations of what’s possible in a digital world—these are  places to truly experience something together and elevate any communication.”

“In our new reality, live events need to have the capability to offer both in-person and virtual participation options. Touchcast’s technology synthesizes the real world and displays in an amazing way that magnetically attracts the remote audience,” said, global music artist and tech entrepreneur.

About Touchcast
Touchcast is the world’s leading premium communications company. A pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence to break down barriers of space, language and accessibility, Touchcast helps enterprises communicate and collaborate more efficiently, more effectively, and more easily than ever before. Visit us at

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