The 3 Es of Event Success

As event professionals navigate a sea of event platforms, choosing a tech partner that can deliver even when faced with challenges is the key to success.
October 11, 2021
2 mins
Tom Burg
VP, Marketing at Touchcast
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Event professionals are old pros at rolling with the punches. It’s a good thing too, because navigating the event industry can be challenging. For instance, when an in-person event is unable to happen, it’s vital that event professionals still deliver on their core commitments. That’s why choosing the right event partner has become as critical to the success of an event as picking the right venue.

Although the options available are many, there are three primary components to look at before deciding on your virtual event provider: experience, engagement, and execution.

Unfortunately, virtual events are often rife with complaints that include poor presenter experience, unreliable network connection, disconnected experiences, and lack of attendee-to-attendee engagement. Obviously, this isn’t good news given the increasingly virtual event landscape.

So, what’s the fix? Touchcast. This end-to-end event platform picks up where other virtual event platforms drop off.

How? Let’s take a look:


Sure, Touchcast takes care of registration, agendas, security, and analytics. But where the platform really shines is in the experience. With Touchcast, you can transport your speakers into gorgeous, 3D virtual spaces that feel real. It's engaging and delivers the kind of insights no other platform (or physical event) can do. And it's all backed by Touchcast’s Pro team of production experts. They provide white-glove service to plan, manage and produce your event with playbooks, contingency planning, and daily project plans.


In the past, return on investment has been hard to calculate. But events run on Touchcast bring the audience right into the action. Plus, the platform’s robust insights and analytics show the level of engagement across all attendees, speakers, and sessions, enabling event planners to understand what resonates best with their audience.

Accessibility is becoming a must-have for any event. That’s why Touchcast offers real-time captions, foreign subtitles, and dubbing for every session. Boosting engagement even more, the AI-powered platform makes it so each presentation gets its own video trailer and interactive article—so you can skim long presentations and jump straight to the section that interests you.


The margin for error is slim, and working through the many logistical issues when executing an event can be exhausting. Successful events require top-tier project management skills and small errors along the way can have disastrous consequences. But with Touchcast’s capabilities along with the platform’s production crew, the entire experience surpasses other virtual event platforms in execution and rivals any physical event—all at a fraction of the price.

Touchcast hangs its hat on the key elements that make it different from every other platform out there. By combining the benefits of a physical event with the advantages of a digital one, Touchcast is future-proofed to set you up for long-term success.

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