The Touchcast Iconic Collection

Starting with the new Touchcast Tower that floats 1,300 feet above New York City, check out our new collection of exclusive virtual event venues. Better yet, rent one.
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April 19, 2021
3 mins
online venue for virtual events
Edo Segal
Founder and CEO at @touchcast
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Earlier this week, we debuted the Touchcast Iconic Collection, which includes over a dozen stunning, new exclusive venues for virtual events. 

There are electrifying arenas and intimate conference rooms and gorgeous, wood-walled theaters, and then the crown jewel of them all: the Touchcast Tower, which hovering over 1,300 feet over New York City, offers mind-blowing views of the Empire State Building and the world all around. Also, fireworks—lots of fireworks!

In developing our collection of virtual event venues, our design team took inspiration from many of the great meeting halls, auditoriums, and conference venues around the real world, such as Steve Jobs Theatre and Madison Square Garden and the TED stage. What they created are virtual meeting spaces that are uniquely gorgeous and singularly transporting. They are stunning places to meet and think and strategize, and when experienced on our proprietary, artificial intelligence-powered events platform, they will change your mind forever about what’s possible in a digital world. 

You can explore the full collection here, or else check out some of the highlights below.

The Touchcast Tower

Make your mark from 100 stories above New York City! The Touchcast Tower, our stunning virtual observation deck nested 1,300 feet above Gotham, offers breathtaking views from atop the world, plus two mammoth video screens, laser light shows, and fireworks. You’ll never see an event space—or the Empire State Building—the same way again!

Oasis Auditorium

The Oasis Auditorium was built explicitly for the big reveal—of products, of ideas, of strategies that change the world. With a breathtaking, 200-foot-long presentation stage, daring accent lighting, seven gorgeous monitors that anchor all eyes ahead and room for up to 8,000  attendees, it’s an event space that wows, invigorates and energizes. Finally, a venue as inspired as your biggest breakthroughs. 

Aspire Conference Room

With Frank Lloyd-inspired light fixtures and dark walnut walls, this intimate hideaway feels like a refurbished mid-century modern theatre. It’s an ideal place to present and to discuss. And with seating limited to thirty-six, it’s a space that naturally fosters brainstorming and networking, with each attendee as focused on the main event as their tablemates. 

Union Hall

Finally, the perfect meeting room to talk, listen and learn. Marked by gorgeous walnut finishes, elegant drop lighting, and glimpses of the city below, Union Hall has room for up to fourteen rows of conference table seating, each with clear sightlines to the speaker and a floor-to-ceiling monitor that focuses the space. It’s a place where ideas become action.

Visionary Auditorium

Minimalist, elegant, beautiful. The Visionary Auditorium is an understated showcase for your most compelling ideas. Framed by gorgeous, light-grained wood throughout and sumptuous accent lights, the star here is the massive screen. And with just eight horseshoe-shaped rows, each attendee feels not only immersed but vitally connected—to the ideas and each other. 

With over 20 years of experience at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence and Communications Technologies, Edo Segal leads Touchcast in the pursuit of the future of communications. By fusing state-of-the-art advances in both Mixed Reality and Artificial Reality, Touchcast is facilitating the next generation of communications and collaboration experiences. In this new era of remote work and enhanced productivity, Touchcast is dedicated to supporting companies through their post-covid transformation journey by helping run some of the world’s top virtual events. For the past, present, and future, Segal's vision is to create unforgettable experiences for employees, customers and partners that engage, cascade and delight.

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