Touchcast Data Analytics

Everything you need to measure your event’s success in one simple place
July 19, 2021
2 mins
The Touchcast Team
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Your event data tells a story—who attended, what they watched, what they loved. Which is why we created the Touchcast Analytics dashboard: a simple analytics hub where event managers can track in real time the granular data that matters most for refining an in-process event or planning the next one. 

Below, a brief tour of our key analytic features.

Who’s Attending

Touchcast doesn’t just track who signed up for your event, but, more importantly, who actually showed up. 

Our hub displays people’s names, emails, company and job title, and when they last logged in. Meanwhile, a map of the world displays all the countries from which people are attending, be it India or Italy.

What They’re Watching

Okay, so we know who walked through the virtual door, but which sessions are they actually attending and for how long? 

The dashboard provides a breakdown of how long a particular user watched a session. It also includes a live count of how many unique viewers are present during a live session, how many total views that session received, and when the audience was largest.

How They’re Engaging

Now into the details: not just who logged on, but how attendees actually interacted with the content. 

Along with live session analytics, the dashboard offers granular intel on engagement, such as how many attendees watched a welcome video (and how long they kept watching) or how many sought out resources. It also tracks interactions with sponsors, such as clicks on their logo or requests for their contact information.

Plus, the more fun, editorial stuff: Who’s responding in what way to which poll (and which answer is winning)? Which emoji—and how many!—were sent during that live presentation? (That event got how many heart-eyes?!) And, of course, who’s asking the questions during the Q&As? 

The Connections They’re Making

Great events last well beyond the final speaker through the connections and networks that are built. 

By analyzing the number of direct and group-chat messages someone sent and how often a person’s contact information was saved and downloaded, the data hub offers a bird's-eye of how successful the event was at creating new networks of collaborators. 

You can measure an event’s success in the present and better understand how it will continue to reverberate through relationships in the future.

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