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Konica Minolta Full Throttle 2022: Bringing Virtual Experiences to the Next Level With Digital Twins

Kelcie Des Jardins
Partner Success Manager
Estimated Event Emissions (tonnes CO2e):
Estimated Emissions w/ Touchcast (tonnes CO2e)
100.2% OR taking 64 cars off the road for a full year
Estimated Reduction
Digital twin technology unlocks a new frontier for virtual and hybrid experiences, as demonstrated by Touchcast and Konica Minolta.


With offices in 49 countries worldwide, Konica Minolta is a Japanese multinational technology company headquartered in Tokyo, with both the United States and Europe making up the two largest subsidiaries.

Originally the manufacturer of camera equipment, Konica Minolta sold its camera technology to Sony in 2006 and refocused its business on imaging technology and manufacturing multifunctional printers to a global audience across various different verticals. In addition to being pioneers in the office technology industry, Konica Minolta has expanded its business to support managed IT services.

The Goal

As part of its renewed commitment to helping dealer partners grow in an evolving business environment by building and enhancing their digital transformation (DX) offerings, Konica Minolta selected the theme “Full Throttle” for the 2022 Annual Dealer Summit held at its Client Engagement Center (CEC) within its corporate headquarters in Ramsey, New Jersey.

The Challenge

One of the key challenges facing Konica Minolta’s Annual Dealer Summit? Space. “In the past, we’ve had over a thousand people at these conferences,” says Kay Fernandez, Senior Vice President of Marketing. “With COVID, and our desire to promote our Client Engagement Center, we knew we couldn't get that many people into our CEC. There just simply wasn't enough space in our theater for that.”

The Solution

Konica Minolta required a solution that enabled virtual attendees to have an immersive experience of the CEC, without losing the rich experience that a physical theater could offer. 

Touchcast used cutting-edge technology to create a virtual replica of the physical space in the metaverse.

Touchcast’s team of designers and 3D digital artists built a digital twin of the CEC in New Jersey, creating a realistic virtual rendering of the building exterior, lobby, and print showrooms. Perhaps the most impressive feature included digital twins of each printer, complete with video demonstrations of the various products on display.

“It actually worked out perfectly, where we were able to broadcast to remote viewers, as well as bring in some of the more targeted dealer partners and create an onsite experience for them that would really be impactful and continue to build relationships,” explains Fernandez.

A digital twin bridged the gap between the physical and virtual worlds, providing attendees with an immersive experience no matter where they were.

“The digital twin is a great asset we can now use for sales enablement, virtual meetings, and virtual demos. In addition to the event, we now have this digital twin virtual asset for us to use in the future.”


Incorporating virtual programming with Touchcast allowed Konica Minolta to expand the footprint of the Annual Dealer Summit by inviting a wider audience who may not have previously been able to attend due to the confines of the physical space.

“We had been limiting the invitations for the in-person event to the leadership team within each of these dealerships. Having the virtual experience enabled us to go deeper and wider within the organization to expose more of their dealer employees to our program,” says Fernandez.

In addition to making the event more accessible for more attendees, Konica Minolta was also able to reduce costs and save time. 

“Our previous events had upwards of a thousand people. So certainly this event was cost-wise significantly less.” Fernandez says.

Touchcast had a very efficient process in place. Having dedicated project managers throughout and knowing exactly what needed to happen and when was really efficient. It saved us a lot of time instead of having to go through and try to figure it out ourselves.” 

In addition to saving time and money, the hybrid event format helped Konica Minolta reduce its carbon footprint.

Estimated Event Emissions (tonnes CO2e): 320.43

Estimated Emissions w/ Touchcast (tonnes CO2e): -0.7

Estimated Reduction: 100.2%

“We are 100% a very happy customer. We would certainly utilize you all again. Throughout the entire process and also during the day of the event, the Touchcast team was very professional. The digital twin is a great asset that we can now use for sales enablement, virtual meetings, and virtual demos.” shares Fernandez.

Are you interested in exploring how Touchcast can accelerate your journey into the Enterprise Metaverse? Book a demo with Touchcast today to learn more.

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