This is Touchcast, Part 1: Design

Want to create a virtual event as immersive and stunning as a real-world one? Start here.
May 17, 2021
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The Touchcast Team
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Premium communication begins with design. Bold, eye-catching spaces that draw you in and keep your attention. Precise details that are as beautiful as they are intuitive. Here, three ways in which design brings the Touchcast experience to life.

Immersive Venues

Watching an event on your computer often feels like logging-on to work. There’s no excitement, atmosphere or energy. Instead there are grids of boxes, bad lighting and echoey audio. We wondered whether there was a better way.

We looked towards the world’s great event spaces, such as Apple’s Steve Jobs Theatre and Madison Square Garden, for inspiration. Then through the magic of AI and design, we created our Iconic Collection of over a dozen proprietary virtual event spaces, from large-scale arenas to intimate theatres. And we’re still building them—both new iconic venues and custom digital twins of our client’s physical venues. A Touchcast virtual event space will immerse and transport you out of a video conference and into a spectacular experience. Forget the video grid. Instead, take a seat!

World class events begin with world class venues. You can customize any theater, arena or auditorium in our Iconic Collection, or else we can create a venue just for you.

Brand First

In most virtual meetings or conferences, the brand is an afterthought, at most a logo on the corner of a computer screen or a quick video before the event begins. And major sponsorships for a video conference? Forget about it.

But by offering fully immersive experiences, our digital venues elevate and integrate brands, whether it’s a digital replica of your corporate town hall or a major sponsor whose logo is displayed prominently on screens in our venue and integrated into your event website. Your company and your partners aren’t generic. So your meeting space shouldn’t be either.

Each of our virtual stages offer gorgeous opportunities to place your brand front and center.

The Netflix Experience

Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max—we get most of our entertainment through intuitively designed streaming services. They curate programming based on our interests and offer exciting interfaces for previewing content and choosing what we want to consume, when and how. We wondered if we could do the same for online events.

First, we made the speakers the stars by giving each presenter a bold and striking card, like a new Hollywood release. Then comes the interactive agenda, where you can pick and choose what you want to watch or read and how. Then gorgeous, 4K video with three-camera angles that look like a professional production. Make your selection, sit back and become immersed in the show.

Your custom event homepage puts your speakers right where they should be—in the spotlight.

This is Part 1 in our series about what makes Touchcast different. You can read Part 2: Content here and Part 3: Technology here.

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