This is Touchcast, Part 3: Technology

From 4K video to perfect lighting and auto-translation in dozens of languages, it all begins with artificial intelligence. Your events will never be the same.
May 17, 2021
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virtual event AI technology
The Touchcast Team
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It’s what’s inside that counts. Touchcast is the only virtual events platform powered by artificial intelligence. But what does that actually mean? For starters, our platform is powered by a dozen neural computer networks that continually get smarter. They make our virtual sets immersive, auto-correct video feeds, instantly translate presentations into dozens of languages, and generally, are responsible for making our platform as powerful as it is beautiful. Think of them as an army of production assistants, producers, lighting designers, translators, and editors all focused on one thing: Making your event as spectacular, accessible, and influential as humanly—er...technologically—possible.

Virtual Immersion

A Touchcast venue is not staticit’s a living, experiential space. There are views from the back row and the front row, above and below. You don’t watch an event, you attend oneimmersed in the virtual space much like you would be in a cutting-edge video game. This is not a coincidence, as one of our main technology partners is NVIDIA, the leader in accelerated computing.

So yes, there’s a lot of design and art involved in creating our venues. But none of it would be possible without the guts beneath it: Artificial Intelligence.

Through the power of AI, which enables multiple sightlines and angles, every event becomes an immersive experience.

Auto-Correcting Video

While Touchcast event attendees see a polished presenter on stage or behind a podium, the speaker is actually Zooming in or using Webex from a home office in New York City, Bogota or beyond.

At home the light may be poor or perhaps it’s bedtime and the kids are playing in the next room. And yet, as the video feed streams into the cloud, magic happensor at least the neural networks kick in. 

Before reaching the Touchcast virtual stage all video feeds are fed into NVIDIA’s MAXINE AI Platform. If the speaker moves out of the frame, the platform automatically reframes her. If the CEO’s head is at an odd angle, the platform nudges it to the right direction. Resolution is made optimal. And background noise is magically erased before it can reach the stage. Think of the platform as a personal, white glove events crew in the sky.

Video courtesy of NVIDIA, whose Maxine AI Platform makes every presentation look not just gorgeous, but clear, properly lit, and professionally produced.

4K Video

The difference between a virtual event and a digital one is detail. Through our partnership with NVIDIA, we’re able to stream all of our events in 4K resolution—that’s four times more vivid, more immersive, and more lifelike than standard platforms that use 1080p resolution, at best. The higher the resolution, the more pixels square inch, the more fine detail, nuance and lifelike reality on the screen. 

It’s the difference between watching a movie on an old TV or streaming it in HD on a gorgeous flatscreen. Or attending a digital event that bores you, or logging into an experience that transfixes and transports you. It’s all in the fine details.

Four times the resolution of most other video platforms makes every Touchcast event as gorgeous and lifelike as it is transporting.

This is Part 3 in our series about what makes Touchcast different. You can read Part 1: Design here and Part 2: Content here.

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