Video Conferencing Software to Make Your Events Shine

Find out the product features that make Touchcast the best video conferencing software for your next event.
February 10, 2022
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Video Conferencing Software
Jenna Gulick
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If your video conferencing software isn't helping you create engaging and inspiring virtual events, then it's time for an upgrade.  But where to begin? Well, here. Consider this a guide to everything you never thought you’d need to know about creating amazing virtual events. Like pretty much everything in life, it begins with the fundamentals.

What Is Video Conferencing Software?

At its essence, video conferencing software offers two parties the ability to meet virtually while in different locations. 

AT&T took one of the first swings at it in 1956 when they completed a rudimentary video call that featured a series of choppy images transmitted every two seconds. Then came low-resolution, gray-scale webcams in the 1990s, and a decade later Skype, which quickly grew from 5 million users in 2005 to 50 million just five years later. 

Video conferencing as we know it really went totally mainstream in offices around the world with the launch of Zoom in 2011 and six years later, Google Meet. 

But it took the pandemic to make it a must-have, everyday tool for collaboration. In March 2020, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan reported that daily meeting participants had exploded from a previous monthly high of 20 million to over 200 million. 

Now, as “Zoom fatigue” sets in, demand for a fresh, dependable, and cutting-edge alternative has given way to innovation. Platforms like Hoppin, On24, and Touchcast have emerged as the future of video conferencing. 

But which one to choose and which features are must-haves? Read on.

HD Video And Voice

High-quality video and audio may seem like obvious needs for a smooth and successful conference of any sort, but they’re also a common stumbling block. Be sure to choose a platform that supports crisp, stunning video that will wow your audience and speakers. The world’s most elite platforms even offer 4K ultra HD video, so your attendees will experience every detail in amazing clarity. 

Real-time Translation

Some platforms like Touchcast offer real-time content translation and audio dubbing, unleashing your content globally and breaking down language barriers. For instance, a virtual attendee in Tokyo can watch a speech in English, which a businessman in Paris can read in French at the same time.

Ease Of Use

A dynamic virtual event doesn’t have to be complicated for speakers. A dynamic videoconference platform will meet speakers and hosts where they’re comfortable. 

For example, Touchcast allows speakers to present via Teams, Zoom, or Webex, so they don’t have to abandon the tools they are most comfortable using. In addition, Touchcast harnesses artificial intelligence to fine-tune and autocorrect every video presentation before it reaches the main stage, so presenters don’t need to worry about the lighting in their home office or whether they momentarily moved out of the center of the video frame. The platform automatically adjusts and fixes the video stream. Think of it as a personal and instant professional virtual production team.

Real-time Analytics

Whether you’re already planning for next year’s event or getting ready to prepare an important report, real-time analytics are invaluable. 

The best virtual software will offer detailed analytics, so organizers can track the journey of each attendee and fine-tune programming for future events. You’ll be able to see which sessions attendees watched, gauge audience reactions and participation, and better understand where and for how long audiences from around the world were engaged. 

All of these metrics serve to tell the story of your event’s success and resonance and build best practices for the future. 

Cloud Recordings And Transcriptions

There’s nothing worse than missing a key moment in a major presentation. The right software will record each and every live session, creating a library of on-demand video experiences. This library will amplify your event, allowing you to reach a broader audience long after the curtain comes down. Smart video players will also allow you to display articles, overviews, and notes alongside a livestream, so viewers can cross-reference information and absorb event content at their own pace. 

Strong Security

If you’ve invested in a state-of-the-art platform and worked hard to garner RSVPs, you certainly don’t want to risk a security breach. Keep speaker access and proprietary information secure with enterprise-grade security, SOC 2 compliance, and multilevel access controls.

Choosing The Right Solution

Because there’s so much to consider when it comes to planning a virtual event, it’s important to choose the right software and the right partners. 

Along with its world-class, AI-powered platform, Touchcast offers white-glove virtual event services. 

We pair every client with an event manager and team that includes creative directors, designers, producers, and speaker onboarders, so that no question slips through the cracks. We’re as detail-oriented about every aspect of our virtual events as you are about your in-person events.

You shouldn’t have to choose between the convenience of a virtual event and the energy, excitement, and pizzazz of an in-person one. With Touchcast, you can have both. 

Contact our team and let’s get started.

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